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... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[02 Sep 2003|05:12pm]
road trip next week.
me=totally excited.


... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[31 Aug 2003|09:53pm]

picture time+skating action!!!Collapse )

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

only if she could read. [24 Aug 2003|12:00am]
this one goes out to you,
cause youre the sweetest dog.
and i havent been the best owner
and i feel terrible for not making
your short life amazing and filled with
years and years and years of love.
cause you deserved better.
and im sorry for everytime i let them kick you
without saying a word. i should have spoken up.
i love you annie. and im so sad to see you go
but youre not happy here in this life
so all my hopes and wishes goes to you
and your next life. maybe the next world wont
suck so much and youll be able to run free
with lots of dogs
im sorry kalene ran away and you had no one.
im sorry nell moved away and you had no one.
im sorry we grew up and you had no one.

just know that i am here right with you and i will
always rememeber you and i will never ever treat
anything like that again. you were my dog since i was 6
and i remember that bump on your head and youre poor infected face.
thank god we saved you from those stupid hunters.
im glad you were in my life
and im going to miss yuou.
i hope youll be happier.

you are better than any human could ever be.
so harmless. i love you annie.

i feel a little better now...

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[21 Aug 2003|09:48am]
well ive always known this was me :)

Agile, fast, intelligent, and deadly, you're a
capable and adaptable Raptor!

What dinosaur are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[14 Aug 2003|12:29pm]

modern buildings arent beautiful

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[31 Jul 2003|03:07am]

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[08 Jul 2003|10:47pm]
assignment: write a 2000 word essay on dreams and then let me use it for my psych class

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[22 Jun 2003|12:06am]

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[10 Jun 2003|10:19pm]
oh man fuck school.
fuck 7 am.
fuck work.
i loooove potato pancake burgers.

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[26 May 2003|09:36pm]
tonite, 20 minutes ago. i was waiting to be picked up from work. and there was a man with biigg curly hair and he was sitting on the ground making flowers out of plants. he looked at me and i smiled and he waved and i waved and for some reason i felt like i shared more with him and had more in common with him than most everyone i meet. i felt this strange connection and i had no idea why. i wanted to talk to him. but then i alsokinda just wanted to watch him. so i sat and watched him watch people and make flowers.

the world is gonna be fucking useless in 100 years.....maybe less.

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[22 May 2003|11:09pm]
i think i hate livejournal tonite.

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[12 May 2003|11:16pm]
i seriously enjoy looking at porn.
dont know why.

i want a boy so so so so so bad.
i wish i was working with billy tomorrow.
i wish he would somehow let me know if he liked me or not.

i havent had my period for like two months.

shrooms tomorrow hopefully...

i bought 40 dollars worth of fabric.

im gonna start making clothes and selling them/
i make damn good skirts and dresses.

when i make clothes....you want to but them yes.

i need a fucking car soo bad,

and in july...
amy moves out of emilys apt

so whos gonna move in?


... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[11 May 2003|02:47pm]
i love so many peoples lifes
but mine.
i feel like my life is just not for me
i mean its cool and everything
but i feel like its not me.
but its not like im never known to feel not well fitted.
i dont think that sentence really explains what i mean though.
i wish i was good at writing so i could write really well worded books descrbing my feelings so i could look back on it all.

i wanna have a fun colorful adventuristic life.but im sure a lot of people do.

i want to be in a group of 3 best friends. us three girls would get along like no one could even know. and i would feel so comfertable with them and with anything i say. and we would go lots of places. and to real parks not fake ones. we would all know the same songs and sing them loudy evrywhere we went. we would own a store and sell clothes we made and pictures we paited and furniture we renivated and id have a little office in the store with my little computer so i could make more money being a web designer. wed live very close together. in the same neighbor hood. and i would have a boyfriend. a boyfiend i could actually fall in love with. ive never been in love. im obsessed with it. he would have long hair i could play with an dhe would always scratch my back for me while watching movies on a green couch. maybe a mustard yellow couch. i would live in a spanish house with my boy. i would paint every room differently. no white walls here. my boyfriend would love to play. as do i. he will smoke lots of pot with me and do alot of hallucinaginsor whatever wiht me. i will learn how to spell too.... and wed have enough money to go to natures finest and buy a lovely amount of vegetarian/free ranged/organic/yummy food. we would go to thai food once a week and hsare lots of little kisses. we would only have sex every so often. 3 days a week. or something like that. im not too sex driven. he will take fun piuctures of ,e amd i would do the same of him and us. and we would eat candy. and go to bjork in new york and go alllll around the world. and wed have little parties with a bunch of good people and good music and its all fun anf smiles.

bah this is making me sad.
it will never be.

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[10 May 2003|11:47pm]
lauren and i had adventures.
we hung out in my room and looked at old year books.
she imed my friends and i played power puff girls
and then we watched the bjork dvd
and then we walked and talked a lot andtook polaroids
and we climbed a fence to a christian pre school to play on their play ground
then we moved all their huge toys arond so everyone would be confused
and thennn we swung upside down and the peopel looked at my underwear
and lauren sang lots of songs
and then we walked more and went to dirty beach and the fake parks/
and tthheennn we went down an alley.
its really weird that i got an urge to walk down that alley
something told me to go.
and we found something so amazing
we saw a hugggeee trampoline in someones backyard and we stood for a minute
then we got on and jumped around
then we saw someone looking
so we ran away.
and then we went to emilys house
and stupid prom was happening

i hate high heels.

i hate prom
i hate highschoolers
i hate that boy that rhi made us hang otu with.
hes weird.

then lauren and i got high offa a few blunt roaches.
and we talked about soooo mcuh and i love layren more than anyone ever evrr evrr

and we lookd at all the ms escher pictures in the house
and lauren never makes sense

and then we were like yea lets get drunk
and we all took one shot of vodka and decided we didnt want another one

we then went to a party which would have been better if
a. the majority of the people didnt suck
b.i was drunk
c.billy was there

so we left and stole mike lebowski
and then from then on... the nite kind afucking sucked.
i cried. emily cried. bah.

attn:i hate toojays more than EVER

i smell sooo good

i took a green tea bath tonite. and it was sooo lonely oh oh.

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[08 May 2003|10:53pm]
i got drunk again last nite.
and i was brave to billy.
but i bet he thinks im dorrkyyy.
he talks about how he looves peppercinis
and so i made himn a little tub full of them
and i put it in a bag along with a note.
and then i told him to go look in the refridgerator. for his surprise.
yeup he probablyt thinks im crazy.

i cant stop listening to phantom planet for some reason.

im writing the storyline for the movie an dill post it when im done and you kids who offered to help can tell me if you still wanna.
and then we can get this thing rolling.
im really excited about it

im ALSO really excited about me and lauren hanging out tomorrow :) yessss

im not excited about work at 10 am


i should be in a band. i sing good sometimes.

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[07 May 2003|02:55pm]
im making a movie.
its a sad movie.
i need people to help me with everything.
especially if you know where i can get a nice camera for cheap or if you have one i can use.
i only have a pretty lame cam corder. if worst comes to worst. ill use that.
i have the story pretty much laid out.
i want this film to be pretty too.
i want the colors to work.
im going to make the clothes for the most part.

i realllly need a boy. hes gonna kill himself int he begining.
and the rest of the scenes of him are just flashbacks. no speaking required

and i need a girl who will be the best friend of the main girl who will be played by lauren holtman. i might just have to do it myself if not anyone else. this girl cannot be tall. little lines required/

and i will need a few more people to do a few more little parts/

its a depressing story. so if youre good at being sad, help me

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[05 May 2003|12:50pm]
ive been downloading albums like mother fuckin wha.
i <3 soul seek more than anything
minus mykitten, ophelia

they are spraying emilys house with poison for the termites.
so all four cats are in my box of a room

i love my kitties.

heres the love for
and lil' bit!

DW-u loves to give kissesL


... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[04 May 2003|04:52pm]

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[01 May 2003|01:18pm]
last nite i had a lot of fun with david. and we talked and thats cool i like talking to david.
then i went inside the faint after his girlfriend hated me
and i met up with lauren and i was so happy to see her.
and we got kicked outta the vip room when lauren tried to break dance
we danced soo much to les savy fav and pushed up tot the front ot tell him to play wake up but he ddnt. and then he came down and danced with us when the faint was playing he was cute and he liked laurens style. i danced WAAAY much to the faint. me and emodan got our grind on. and then lauren and jamie and lesavy boy and shane and everyone got their grind on.. and laurens boobs got bigger. we had fun. i definately had sooo much fun i didnt expect it. woo. thanks david! thanks emodan! thanks lauren! thanks shane! thanks jamie! thanks nick! thanks other people whos names i do not know! for making me smile and having a good time. i feel happy after last nite!!

... tud dum ? GOOSH...

[30 Apr 2003|10:34am]
work work work work work work work work work
thank you for calling toojays at baywalk this is chloe speaking how may i help you. work work work woprkowkrok work hello mam can i help you with something work work work work work can i get 4 pounds of tongue please/ work work work work combo dessert, banana dream,coco mounds, and killer cake. work work work work work shoes 4 crews no slip woo work work wor k work work work work work work money money money money money money money money money

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